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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Tony will spend about 90 minutes with you, reviewing your current history, past medical history, family history, medicines, vitamins, and supplements. Also, he will take the time to understand your health goals and challenges. He will dig deep into how you got to this place in your health, what things you have tried, what worked and what did not work for you. You will be given the guidance and information you needed to get started on your journey to restoring your health and wellness.

The initial consultation cost is $275. 

Before your visit, you will fill out your history forms and sign your documents on our secure HIPAA compliant platform called Healthie.  You can also upload any medical documents, such as lab test results, pictures, etc. that you would like Dr. Tony to review prior to your visit. Please bring your medications, vitamins, and supplements in their original bottles to your consultation.  Additionally, please complete the intake process 48 hours prior to your appointment so that we have time to review all your documents. 

Visits can be performed in our office, by virtual video, or by phone.  

At UBWell we use Rupa Health for our lab services. At your initial consultation, Dr. Tony will determine which lab tests will be required.  You will purchase your labs directly from Rupa Health at wholesale pricing, which will save you money. You may purchase your lab test using a credit card, HSA account, FSA account or take advantage of Rupa’s three payment installment plan at no additional cost. At UBWell, we do not accept insurance plans for payment. Once your lab tests are ordered, the testing kits will be shipped directly to your home or our office.  You will perform the test in the privacy of your home and ship them to the lab in the prepaid envelope provided.  Once the results are complete, Dr. Tony will promptly review your results with you.  

Lab test costs range from $90- $600. We do not bill insurance for your lab test. 

You are required to have a PCP to be seen at UBWell for functional medicine services. All our wellness programs are designed to support the natural processes of your body with nutritional supplements and lifestyle management.  We DO NOT diagnose or treat any disease with our programs. Your PCP is part of your healthcare team and you are required to maintain all regular physicals, appointments, testing, and treatment that your PCP recommends.  We will be glad to work with and communicate with your PCP at any time during your time with us. 

NO! You must consult with the prescribing physician to make any changes to your medication schedule. Dr. Tony is a chiropractor and is not licensed to prescribe medication.  

The cost of your supplements is not included in our programs. Supplements are based on the individual needs of our patients. Dr. Tony will make recommendations of the supplements you should take to support the natural processes of your body. In our E-store, you will have access to supplements, personal care products, equipment, and more. You will see the best suppliers on this site, such as PURE Encapsulates. Designs For Health, Nordic Naturals, Thorne and many more. You can purchase your supplements using a credit card, HSA account, or FSA account.  Your supplements will be shipped directly to your home.


We do not accept insurance or Medicare for our services.  

Yes, we can see patients from all 50 states either in our office or through virtual visits. 

Chiropractic care is performed separate from our functional medicine visits.

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