What Is the Three Body Systems Approach to Healing?

Nov 17, 2023

What Is the Three Body Systems Approach to Healing? Written by Dr. Tony Blasco

The Three-Body Systems Approach to healing is based on the timeline that originally created the dis-ease in your body. This dis-ease is a disharmony of the biological system or not being in a state of homeostasis. This timeline will typically have started with some type of stress event, illness, or trauma. The unresolved healing from this event leads to a breakdown in the normal physiology of a body system, such as your neuroendocrine system.

In the Three Body Systems Approach to healing these are the three systems that get our focused protocols: Neuroendocrine, GI, and Liver/detox pathways.


The neuroendocrine system is made up of the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal glands), your sex organs, and other support organs. The HPA axis plays a critical role in your stress response, circadian rhythm, energy production, sleep, sex drive, and much more.

GI System

The GI system is made up of your microbiome which plays a critical role in digestion, nutrient absorption, toxin elimination, and houses 80% of your immune system. The GI system is also known as the second brain.


The liver performs over 500 different functions in your body. Some of these functions are: detox, blood sugar regulation, energy production, hormone activity, and antioxidant support just to name a few. The liver is remarkable in many ways. Did you know that the liver can regenerate itself? Wow!!

Healing from a past traumatic event can take some time and effort, but the proven methodology of the Three Body Systems Approach has been used for over thirty years by many physicians in the functional medicine arena to bring about healing and homeostasis to their patients.

by Dr. Tony Blasco