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Accurate Lab Tests in Bethlehem, PA

UB Well Center for Holistic Health is a holistic center focused on scientifically supported methods of functional medicine. We provide healing to our patients – many of whom are frustrated with traditional medicine and are looking for a new approach. Dr. Blasco has the experience needed to effectively create nutritional support plans and lifestyle changes based on the concepts of functional medicine and a patient’s lab test. Bethlehem, PA residents searching for whole-body holistic care and support can stop the search. We’re here to help you discover wellness.

Precision Analytical Logo
How the Precision Analytical Test Can Help You

We offer Precision Analytical’s series of Dutch tests. They use urine and saliva samples to gain an extensive viewpoint of sex and adrenal hormones, melatonin, and other metabolites. These tests allow our team to determine the symptoms of hormonal imbalances. We also add Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) and innovative Cycle Mapping™ to help shape our understanding of your system.

Diagnostics Solutions Logo
We Can Begin to Address a Range of Issues Through Further Tests

We use the GI-Map test from Diagnostic Solutions for comprehensive stool sample testing. It uses quantitative polymerase chain reaction technology to detect parasites, bacteria, fungi, and more. It also targets the specific DNA of each organism. We can use this test for indicators of digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune function issues. An add-on can detect the leaky gut marker zonulin.

Genova Dianostics Logo
How Genova Diagnostics Can Help Your Nutritional Health

We also utilize Genova Diagnostics' Organic Acid Test. It uses urine samples to zero in on functional and nutritional issues. The test works by allowing us access to critical metabolic pathways. It detects root causes of dysfunction and gives us a system-based approach to overcoming chronic conditions. We can identify 47 markers of nutrition, including malabsorption, dysbiosis, cellular and mitochondrial energy, vitamins, neurotransmitter metabolites, toxin & detoxification, and oxalates. Genova also makes the Adrenal Stress Profile, which we use to measure active parent hormone levels, DHEA and cortisol.

Our Tests Help Us Create Effective Support Plans

You can trust UB Well Center to identify which tests are best for making sense of your symptoms. Once we finish testing, we will use the results to design support protocols that holistically address your health challenges. We have had success with countless patients and can’t wait to meet with you. Contact us today for more information.

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