Meet Our Team 


Dr. Tony Blasco, DC 

I’m Dr. Tony Blasco, chiropractor and Integrated Nutritional Specialist. I have been helping people restore their health for over 30 years.  My passion is to help people of all ages figure out what will work for them.  In my own journey and my families journey to wellness we tried many approaches, techniques and products. This journey with my wife and three children has taught me so much about our bodies and how they heal. Working with thousands of clients over the 30 years has taught me so much about the human body and what it is capable of doing if given the proper nutrition and time.  I would be honored and blessed to help you reach your goals and desires.

Courtney Dech

My name is Courtney Dech, I am a candlemaker, herbalist & gardener. I am the small business owner of Quartz in the Clouds Apothecary, where I offer all natural candles, plant-based skincare, hand-blended herbal tea & elixirs. I have always felt a strong connection to the earth and slowly began creating a symbiotic relationship between myself & the earth. By caring for my own wellness, I was in turn caring for my loved ones, community & the planet.

As I was creating my own all natural household & personal wellness products I was beginning to realize part of my work in life was to share these offerings.  During this time I found a passion for gardening, where I now grow many of the plants I use in my offerings. I have found the path to deeper healing with herbalism & working with plants, the earth’s medicine. We have one body and one planet & during this life I strive to bring healing and symbiosis within both.