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Dr. Blasco is the real deal! He is honest, straightforward, very caring, and compassionate. Dr. Blasco helped my daughter when she was very sick for over three months and lost a lot of weight and couldn’t keep any food in at either end. He helped her heal 100% and she is doing great now. I took her originally to a specialist, but no one could pinpoint what her problem was. Dr. Blasco’s methods worked. Highly recommended!

Susan T.

Tony and his staff are always very attentive to our needs and our health care. They answer any and all questions that we have. When you are in the office you are the object of their attention.

Don R.

Really nice here! They take a strong interest and seem to really care. Very happy!

Martha S.

My son has been seeing Dr. Tony for about two years now. He was on two inhaled steroids and allergy medicine daily just to keep it under control, plus the occasional need for Prednisone and antibiotics. All of that is gone! He no longer needs it. It has been over a year since he has had to use any medicine for his asthma thanks to the help he got from UB Well. In addition, none of my other four children has needed antibiotics for illnesses since we have been going here.

Jill B.

I’ve gone to D. Tony Blasco for a number of years. He keeps me going on an even keel. When my system gets out of whack he helps me get back on track using vitamins and diet. Thanks, Dr. Tony!

Pam P.

So glad I made an appointment! It was great to see you again. I look forward to feeling better! Thank you so much for the amazing work you do.

Juli V.

I was suffering from long-term effects of Lyme Disease. I had very low energy and little drive. Dr. Tony suggested I order tests in attempt to narrow down other possible causes for my malaise. Test results revealed I needed help with my adrenals. I purchased the dietary supplements suggested by Dr. Tony. A few weeks later my energy was up and I slept better. I felt well enough to hire a professional trainer and get back on track with exercise and a proper diet. I am back!

John R.

Chronic sinus issues brought me to Dr. Tony over 5 years ago. With his guidance, I was able to overcome my sinus issues with prescribed supplements without any side effects. I have continued with Dr. Tony for overall general nutritional support. Most recently he detected through a test, a bacterial infection which he then completely cleared up with supplements. Even though, Dr. Tony determines and clears up issues, the best thing about his practice is that he cares. He takes time to listen, explain, follow up, and work behind the scenes with great diligence making sure my overall health is the best it can be. I feel very blessed to have found UB Well and living a good healthy life.

Nancy W.

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