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Free Consultation  
This 15 minute conversation is meant to see if we can work together to achieve your wellness goals. This can be conducted by phone or Healthie Video Call.
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Initial Wellness Visit 
In this 90 minute wellness visit we will review your history, challenges and goals. Review any test results available. Answer any questions you have about our programs. We will develop a plan for you to Discover Wellness. This visit can take place in our office, conducted by phone or Healthie Video Call.
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New Chiropractic Visit 
Dr. Tony will perform a chiropractic evaluation to determine any chiropractic care that you may require to reach your wellness goals.  This visit can only be conducted in our office.
New Pediatric Client Visit 
This new client visit is designed to establish a protocol for healing, for children who are 14 years or younger. We believe each child is unique and must be supported physically and emotionally. We want to hear from your child about their struggles and get the parents insight to the challenges. This visit can take place in our office or conducted by phone or Healthie Video Call.